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Upon a time

I used to go swimming in Africa
to defy the water demons there—
bugs, worms, hippos and crocs
and test if they were near. I’d think,
Hey Mr. Hippopotamus, where are you!?
Will you take me in your jaws
and roar me loudly home?
Come on Mr. Hippopotamus,
surely you’re not afraid!

I know it all seems so silly now.
Yet there are times when on the road cycling,
as the sun starts pulsing through the trees
and the light starts dancing on the edge,
that all I can hear is my muffled heart, in rhythm;
it gets colder and everything goes dark
and I start flailing to and fro
looking up and around
holding my breath,
treading water
and waiting,
just waiting…

Africa is beautiful, tragic and wonderful. Years ago I went there to live—first in Rwanda and then in Tunisia—for my religion. I am a Bahá’í and in my religion, the place you go to serve is referred to as your “post.”

I really did go swimming in Africa while I was in Rwanda, something ex-patriots seldom do because of the water born diseases and dangerous animals there. It was at Lake Kivu, high up in the hills (called locally moraines) where the dangers, although lessened, were still real. We stayed at a small, simple hotel run by an order of Belgian nuns; the area is close to the famous mountain gorilla habitat, although on that trip we did not go searching for them. I fear that after the Rwandan genocide, the hotel and a chance for a like experience, are now gone.

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