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Divorced from reality

a birch tree in the cold fog

The hyena pack of the cold front
slunk in through the night and
pounced on the warm moist air,
snarling and creating the fog in its hunt,
cackling as it roved in and took hold.

Early next morning I went to photograph
the banks of stranded mist
as their wisps and curls
pawed silently through the woods.
It’s a give-and-take thing shooting photos
in a shabby old forest in low light.
You find yourself thinking,
How in God’s name did it ever get this way?
and, What can set it aright?
Shot after shot, quicker and quicker,
more desperate as it goes on to hold on,
you try and try but sometimes, you think,
you just can’t capture what this silence is
and anyway, they can’t see the trees for the trees.

As the sun rises, the clan hunts itself breathlessly,
worries itself relentlessly and snips away
the last tendrils of its cohesion.
And then it’s gone.


How do we explain the inexplicable of what we do? I’m not sure, but that doesn’t stop us from trying.

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