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Straight for the heart

A big old door with a new, little latch:
the delusion of security
under the ugly of reality,
such is life.
If you sit behind a door, afraid,
you’ve already been beaten.
Buy a gun and be done with it.

I am no gun-toting, “a pistol in every hand and an AK-47 in your underwear” supporter. I loathe all guns of all types and all eras—pistols, rifles, and phasers—almost as much as I loathe the violence-prone society that we have become and from whence such implements of destruction come.

My point is, don’t be a victim. And don’t especially be an emotional victim. Fearing for your safety in domestic disputes is an ugly reality that all too many women, children, men (yes, men) and elders live with. But putting a small latch with four small screws on an old door frame does not buy security, it gives you the delusion of security. If you really live in fear, be realistically and fully committed to a workable protection plan. And whatever that plan is, be ready with it, be ready to implement it, implement it when it is necessary and don’t look back afterward with any regrets.

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