Works by authors I greatly admire

poetry by Mahvash Sabet – a Bahá’í prisoner of conscience, previously imprisoned in Iran. Her poetry collection, Prison Poems, is available through Amazon.

At Such a Time You’ll Come

Bear This in Mind


The Imaginary Garden

The Prayer of the Tree

• Lights Out

Day of the Imprisoned Writer: a letter to Mahvash Sabet – written by Alberto Manguel

• Mahvash Sabet transferred to hospital

• Mahvash Sabet Released From Prison – includes the poem, The Blossom

poetry by Sara
–  a dear friend

With my belovéd

poetry by Héloïse Haven – a dear friend


poetry by Phil Wilke

a haiku for Phil’s dad

Elegy for a Toaster

poems by Pete Hulme – a fellow Bahá’í  and a new friend

• Dust for winds to scatter


poetry by Ian Hamilton – one of the best poets of the 2nd half of the 20th century
– for a BBC TV documentary on Hamilton, click here. His Collected Poems is now back in print. Get it!

• Biography

• Epitaph


• In Dreams

The Garden


• Poem

• Prayer

• The Birds

• The Silence

• The Storm

The Visit

poetry by Willy Oppenheim – an American Rhodes Scholar; DPhil, Oxford



poetry by Tierney Tolar, my granddaughter



One Today – my review of Richard Blanco’s inaugural poem of January 21, 2013

• Sullivan Ballou letter – the essense of love and sacrifice by a Civil War veteran

17 responses to “Works by authors I greatly admire

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  8. I’ll be back to read some of this. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have been busy with Fiddler … and now we are finished with that adventure. Talk to you soon. T

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  11. I’m already in love with Mahvash Sabet’s poems. They are inspiring and loved the imagery…the words simple yet impactful. I hope she recovers soon.
    The comment box didn’t show for the poems. I have reblogged a poem. I hope you don’t mind.
    Thanks again for the wonderful collection of poems, John. 🙂

  12. Thanks for sharing, John! 😃

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