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Rag-tag relics on a rag-tag road

They say that if you can’t find it
at the Portobello Market
you don’t want it,
but the opposite seems true to me.
The antique lead soldiers intrigue me the most
and the affable Cockney sells them hard.
They are so beautiful, so darling,
that I want to sing them a song—
a song of life so sweet and endearing
that their little lungs will swell and pump,
their tiny heads look up and cry,
their hardened hearts swell with faith.
But I don’t, or can’t, or try and fail,
because they’re just not listening.
Sad to say, there are only gawkers,
not buyers, in this place.

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The photograph was taken at the Portobello Market in London, England. To see my photography blog, please visit the Book of Bokeh.


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