Tá brón orm

I secretly scented the first roses I gave her
with a few small drops of rose water,
a practice I kept up over the years.
Each time, she’d deeply inhale their musk
and smiling delightedly, remark on how
I always found the best just for her.
Sometimes I wondered if she knew
and didn’t let on, but probably not,
she was giving like that.

In any case, she knows now.
I used the last of the bottle
to scent the roses for the mourners.

Tá brón orm (pronounced toe-brone-urm) is Irish Celtic. In that language, one does not say, I am sad, but that, Sorrow is on me. The implication is that you are not fully identified with the emotion but that it is weighing on you and that with time all things change. Sometimes up, sometimes down, but that life is always in transition.

But still…tá brón orm.

By the way, yes, that is the bottle; I’ve not had the heart to get rid of it. It is photographed in front of some beautiful flowers from a neighbor’s yard. The kindness of friends never ends.

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The photograph was taken in my home. To see my photography blog, please visit the Book of Bokeh.


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4 responses to “Tá brón orm

  1. Pete Hulme

    For some reason, John, I can comment but I cannot click a like on this. Didn’t want to leave the site without letting you know how much I enjoyed it.

    • Pete, unfortunately, you are not the only one having that issue. It’s a wordpress thing. But thank you for your lovely comment and for dropping by…

  2. philwilke

    John, this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I received your calligraphy porn letter the other day and no, I haven’t written any poetry recently… I did whip off what I thought was a humorous essay for the most recent open mic night. Will send a copy.