Her gifts

Each spring I’d say, I love tulips, why can’t we have some?
and you’d say, They’re a lot of work. They need to be planted
in the fall and the bulbs dug up in the summer to rest.

And I’d relent, that was fair, you did all the gardening.
So when I came around the corner of the house
and saw them blooming there, I wept.
Look love, I thought, this is the first spring you’ve missed!

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The photograph was copyright-free from the Internet. I thought I had taken photos of my darling’s tulips but can not, now, find them. More fool me. To see my photography blog, please visit the Book of Bokeh.


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4 responses to “Her gifts

  1. Pete Hulme

    Truly beautiful though intensely sad. As Dylan expressed it, ‘Behind every beautiful thing, there’s been some kind of pain.’ Good to see you back. Love and prayers, Pete

    • Pete, Allah’u’Abha!

      Thank you! It’s been a long winter and a slow spring. But I am going to try and be more attentive to my poetry!

  2. So true..some leave behind a trail of cherished memories n emotions.. it can be hard to let go sometimes.. please take care.. Love never dies!