It is not like that, death

We believe we are weaving each instance into a tapestry,
one that we are both in and which wraps around us.
But we are fooling ourselves if we think there are ends.
Look back, there was no beginning; look forward, what do you see?

The stars will grow weary in time
how much more then would we, where there are none?
It is—to be pithy—less about time than timelessness.
Think of the blind; they do not see black, they do not see.
So let those who can see, see that, and take comfort,
if it is comfort that they seek.

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The photograph was taken at my home in Connecticut. To see my photography blog, please visit the Book of Bokeh.


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2 responses to “It is not like that, death

  1. Your poem makes me think about communication. How communication is about the unknown. If it would be known what else would there be to communicate? Being in sync means two elements subtracted from all being connected so less need to communicate. Communication is sending and receiving bits but no actual, live connection. Although there may seem to be a connection it is simply a channel, an illusion created by many bits moving back and forth.
    But what is death and what is eternity? Death is a simple passing. A message sent while eternity is the full on connection. And those two are by no means equal or very much entangled.
    Eternity – a dream of now and at the same time a future absolute reality willing to be tasted in the moment. Can two be in sync enough to reach such depth together?

    • Thank you so much for leaving such a thought-provoking post. I am honored that my poem struck you so completely. “Death is a simple passing. A message sent while eternity is the full-on connection.” is an amazing statement and giving me great pause to consider. Again, thank you!