The music we sing together

Like an old phonograph wound down
I am living out of time,
an echo in the refrain of a song
I cannot now recall, but whose tune
grows wearier by the turn.

Our children though are modern.
They are billions of bits scattered on nets
and copied peer-to-peer
with no loss of resolution.
Do they really think
they can play like that forever?

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The photograph was taken in Cranston, Rhode Island. To see my photography blog, please visit the Book of Bokeh.


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10 responses to “The music we sing together

  1. The mood of this feels similar to something I have been experiencing lately, a bit of sad nostalgia I guess! I enjoyed reading it 🙂

  2. s.s.

    I love ….an echo in the refrain of a song …Thank you for writing

  3. philwilke

    nothing like a good cheerful pick me up, things will get better poem. 

  4. Ahh, I love how you have sculpted this. The contrast between the past and the present is so beautiful!