To those I should have loved more

There is a sky somewhere, vast enough, blue enough,
so high, so round, so close, so bright
that it brings your should-have-been’s, could-have-been’s
and hoped-to-be’s back together,
so that the tears you cry are ones of joy,
and the clouds that go by, go swiftly—
high and tight to the warming sun.
And as those clouds fade and float away
they can take with them all that you let slip,
rightly or wrongly, wisely or churlishly,
so that there and then, on that spot,
with that sky singing above you,
you will forge, my lovers, forgiveness;
and it will wash over you
and it will cleanse you
and you will be a fire
to everyone around you.
And you will not hurt,
at least not then, maybe never.
We’ll see.

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The photograph was taken on my way to work one morning. To see my photography blog, please visit the Book of Bokeh.


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12 responses to “To those I should have loved more

  1. Profound little poem. As you said, we shall see..

  2. This is medicine, good medicine, to soothe my soul. Thank you, John.

  3. Great poem with an awesome kick to it at the end. really enjoyed.

  4. My pleasure. 😊

  5. Lovely poem with a matching picture!