Collage Art


My good friend, KB—host of the A Mirror Obscura site—is both an excellent poet and a fine hand at making collages that use humor, irony and wit to gracefully state deep thoughts. The work above is an example of his work.

He noted on a recent posting, “As my collage work is relatively unknown, if you are considering publishing a book of any kind and like my work I am willing to consider designing cover art  gratis with all rights reserved to myself. Just drop me a comment here on any one of my posts and we can discuss your needs.”

Being such a fan of his work, I am posting this notice for him and, of course, urging you to visit his site and consider his offer.

The image above is ©2015 by K.A.Bryce; all rights reserved.



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5 responses to “Collage Art

  1. Thank you very much John. Smiles…>KB

  2. WOW. You continually bring gifts to your blog that are worth the time to come and visit, so that we can enjoy those gifts, especially your writing.

  3. Oh this is very neat, I can see how there could be cool cover art to be made