Tag Mom, You’re It

A darling little poem from my friend and sometimes bicycle riding partner, Christine.

Old House | New Life

Birth it
Hold it
Love it
Bring it home in a blanket.
Clean it
Make it
Break it
Fix it with glue.
Shop it
Buy it
Misplace it
Find it under the sofa.
Work it
Earn it
Pay it
Answer it after hours.
Wear it
Wash it
Dry it
Hang it in the closet.
Cook it
Serve it
Eat it
Clean it all up.
Google it
Pin it 
Text it
Share it everywhere.
Expand it
Shrink it
Gain it
Lose if for once and for all.
Question it
Answer it
Doubt it
Take it on faith.
Feel it
Paint it
Write it
Talk it all out.
Hurt it
Soak it
Bandage it
Give it a kiss.
Read it
Brush it
Hug it
Tuck it into bed.
Uncork it
Pour it
Drink it
Because it all begins again tomorrow.
 Featured image courtesy of Sleeper

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