This time it would be different

Hey, let’s buy a mobile home,
a thirty footer at least!
We could steal away, just us two
and do a cross-continental tour,
the Southern Cross—
you riding support
and me pedaling my bike,
madcap all the way.

Can’t you just see it?
Santa Monica to the Jersey Shore
starting at New Years and done by Easter.
Painful for sure, but gutting it out,
you’d be the navigator, me the victor
riding on, before I pulled it down around us again.
That would be awesome!
It really would, just awesome!


My sister and brother-in-law just bought a Winnebago. The funny thing about this is that it was an idea in which they had never proposed any interest until one day they had done it, and now they love it. On the other hand, it is an idea that I have always raved about, especially with the idea of combining it with a cross-continental tour by bicycle. It is also a plan about which my poor, long-suffering wife has always rolled her eyes, thinking, perhaps rightly, I’d hate it. (Irony…the most powerful force in the universe!)

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2 responses to “This time it would be different

  1. The title rocks, along with the poem. You do a great job of communicating the excitement / enthusiasm of going for it …. on the open road. Later.